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Sky Ghosts: All for One (Sky Ghosts #1)

For centuries, Sky Ghosts have been hiding their differences from humans, living among them in secret. Their powers, skills, and the gift of flight made them the best protectors the human elite could ever have. But for every one of them who believes in fair work and duty, there are ten more who use their power to prey on the weak and avoid justice. They're called Sky Beasts, and the war between them and the New York Sky Ghosts Headquarters has reached a fever pitch.

Patricia aka Pain is known as the “kill first, ask questions later” kind of girl. An urban legend at twenty-one, she helps secure the Headquarters’ future in her own way - by slaughtering Beasts in between working bodyguard jobs.
they show up. Two civilian guys who turn the life at the Headquarters upside down. The key to destroying their oldest enemy. And it's Pain and her sister Jane who are assigned to protect the annoying humans.

If the Beasts don't kill them, she might just do it herself.


Sky Ghosts: Marco (Sky Ghosts #1.5)

It was hate at first sight. She broke chairs on his head, and in return, he broke her bones.

When Marco joined the New York Sky Ghosts Headquarters, he expected trouble. What he didn’t expect was a girl half his size that turned his life into hell. They spilled too much of each other’s blood for any hope for reconciliation.

Who knew that years later they would be inseparable?


Sky Ghosts: Retaliation (Sky Ghosts #2)

Coming in 2019!